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Daniela Visotskaya (Daniela Shumway) about „Keep the Strawberry’s house“ project

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We are extremely pleased that once again we will mention you in The Other Side and for such a good purpose. My list is full with questions but let we start with based.

Why you decide to Resume the petition „Keep the Strawberry’s house“?

I keep an eye on this house from several years I say that I discover a full history of this house. I’m in love it from the first time that i saw it.I adore it! But this is not the reason that i want to safe it from destroying!

In the 2016 this was a topic from many citizens of Sofia.

I have been observing similar topics on Internet for architectural monuments in Bulgaria for a long time, but this house is definitely one of the most discussed.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

Last year, the subscription reached about 10,000 people, which pleased me a lot. The protocol came to the needed organizations and so, we are still waiting for someone to take action. We are still waiting for a solution…

Exactly for this reason I decide to renew the subscription.too much people is never enough. When one side presses more and does not give up in this actions always wins. A simple strategic. I think my decision is definitely not wrong.

The house definitely excites a lot of people from Sofia and we can not ask why the name is „House with strawberries“ where comes from?

Before years ago  there was a lot of wild strawberries. Just as in my house, unfortunately, there is not much now, the forest strawberry is generally self-sacrificing and you can hardly graft it somewhere, You can meet it  in  forest soils.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

In the beginning, you said that you know a lot about the story of the house. What exactly is the style of her architecture?

The architect who built it has studied in Vienna. It was built around 1927.

The house is more of a mix of styles that’s why is so interesting, but it definitely describes the aristocratic beauty and grace very well.

The property is then nationalized. It was a Romanian embassy, a trade representation of the USSR in Bulgaria, a headquarters of the people’s militia, the seat of the administration of various state structures.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

It was declared a national monument of culture, but unfortunately it followed the fate of many beautiful houses with an obscure fortune, which had the bad luck to be built in Bulgaria.

How long are you planning the project?

Доста пъти ми е хрумвало да направя снимки там но голям проект не бях планирала, причините бяха редица тогава. Голямото планиране дойде след като разбрах че нещата не вървят на никъде.

Трудна ли беше подготовката за проекта?

Yes I thought to take pictures there. but I did not plan a big project, the reasons were a lot. Big planning came after I realized that the organizations and government do not take actions.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

Was the preparation for the project difficult?

I immediately got to buy the jewels and other accessories. The busk it was bought for my b-day this year from Avangard shop.

What emotions come when you saw the house from first time live?

It was quite interesting. I was talking to my photographer before and we going out  together was a sunny hot day of May, we went to the other end of San Stefano street. But a policeman directed us. As we walked, we saw a house with number 8, and I remembered telling my photographer: „Oh, my God, the next number must be the house!“

And here I stood in front of it. This house owns  all  majestic beauty. I would say it definitely captivates you.

How did you feels when you first stepped inside her „core“?

I’m very glad you asked me this question. The feeling was very strange at first,I approached confidently but then  was anxiety.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

There was an anxiety with Georgi Velev, coz this is a big project and we could not excitement.

Although We went to a foreign property.

The first time you enter the yard, it instantly rages energy leads you to the past time and seems like  the time has stopped inside. I can say I’m really lucky that i get there.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

The feeling when climbing the stairs of the central entrance to the door is unique to describe. Seems like you  to fall into another dimension. You survival past thoughts, emotions and lots of darkness. This is so beautiful.

What exactly  your photos show ?

With these photos I have to to awaken the long-lost beauty in this place to awaken people’s souls to inspire their support, to inspire their support even more!

The pictures express an aristocratic soul of past time combined with refinement emphasizing the Gothic note that actually has the house owns.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

Are you worried that many people will copying you after they see your photos and dare to get into the house to shoot?

Very often it happens to me that my pictures and ideas have been copied by someone else.

Which only speaks of the person a lack of any creative thought, devoid of any inspiration and taste of things.

A person who can not invent his thought and rather prefers to steal the idea? Someone else because it’s easier. Unfortunately, things can not change …

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

I saw that some models like me had a lot of interest to shoot in the house after me, there will be many models who have dared to get into the house to take pictures, but I will ask you: WHY AFTER ME?

Why, since I was the first person who take over in my own hands the things  you’ve been making a long-time interest but why you did not organize a campaign to collect votes or something like that.

Or the only thing you care about is your career, „pictures for your own ego“?

How long did you shot?

The pictures went well. We shot about two hours, but in a short time we did a lot of pictures and we did not stop for a break. We did everything in one breath.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

Some people  crossed the street and looking around,others just passed because there was a lot of grass and it was hard to see something.

Tell us more about yourself, what your job is?

Apart from Gothic, I have a lot of hobbies, write books, script, I work eight years with metal and rock singing.

I’m training a tennis court unprofessional. I work in the financial sphere but unfortunately I am not allowed to give more information about my work I dare say that for such a young person I am quite ambitious.


Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

What are your observations about the petition and how do people accept the whole organization?

Overall, I saw that there are many people who support my idea but there were also many people who did not care. They are looking like great patriots but suddenly they say, „I am abroad“!

And what is it make you a less Bulgarian?

Why do you think that when you escaping from your country you are not bound to your culture values? Other people made it a pure envy.

Others did not like Gothic and  myself, and think there was something wrong with a goth people. This is far from the true, Gothic is a worldview, the era may be outdated, and the modern people no longer cares about it, and believes that there is something Satanic in it, because they had a  wrong visions and the things  which everyday happens have been imposed upon and they  accepts this like normal.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

If you break your visions the world will become at least as easy for you as you can consider it as personal advice!

Short words about „The Tail of the Devil“ a bg movie Shot in the house…

I can say very much, the movie is a very cool but you just  have to watch it!

A sequential question  why you decided to include RAMMSTEIN’s „Mein Herz Brennt“ song in your slideshow? What is the best of it? Immediately ask? There is no such song like this.This is the most suitable sound for the photos. contains metal with Gothic sound.The song is so majestic it brings both sad, spooky and beautiful radiance just like the house.

And what is better from suitable title – My Heart burns /translation from German/.

Даниела Висоцкая

Даниела Висоцкая

What will happen if your project fail?

This is a very interesting question. Well, I can’t change the circumstances but maybe I know that I done everything and try really everything to keep this house!


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