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First track from „Satyricon“ is out

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Satyricon - Satyricon

Satyricon – Satyricon

So there we have it, the first song from the new SATYRICON album to hit cyberspace (

What strikes me: it does sound organic. It’s as if the endless “old vs new” arguments (if we could name them so) should finally dissolve. Here it is, the SATYRICON spirit. There’s probably some “old” and some “new”, but their dialectics are blended indiscriminately complete. There’s nothing much to analyze. Some expectations are gratified more than others, and maybe pre-Volcano fans are happier. But let’s not judge the book by its cover, and let’s keep an open mind (and heart) in the month ahead; moreover, “surprises” are promised… At any rate, we’re looking forward to both the record and the live shows, which always proved to set the air ablaze.

More anticipations of the new SATYRICON album HERE.

Diana Chavdarova


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