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Let the hysteria around SATYRICON’s „Satyricon“ commence…



Satyricon - Satyricon

Satyricon – Satyricon

There’s a month to go until the new, frantically yet patiently anticipated release by the Norwegian innovators. Here and there, a snippet from one of the songs can already be heard ( – which makes us that much more hyped. SATYRICON did an awesome job at keeping the audience guessing, for almost four years – and now, we get a confirmation for Satyr’s words: „We have never done a record which captures the spirit of this band in such a way. Ever.“

The spirit of SATYRICON… we will no doubt follow his invitation and plunge into the intricacy of the record („…musically speaking, it’s a very atmospheric record… This record is full of life… It will demand a lot from you as a listener, but I know you will love it. It will grow on you and that is why it will stay with you forever.“). We prefer to abstain from futile genre qualifications, even though we are doubtless that „…a lot of surprises here, but it’s gonna be a record that’s gonna help the black metal movement perhaps find a new way for the future.“ We don’t want to define SATYRICON‘s potency, expression and identity, indeed their spirit, past what is rock’n’roll at its intensest. It’s an extreme celebration of being. Raw,  manic, refined, and limitless.

SATYRICON‘s overwhelming presence, whether we want it or not, sticks with us forever. We were lucky enough to be able to „stalk“ the band on their Age Of Nero tour. Some of us keep the burning memory of their unique Thessaloniki concert. We saw them in a number of European states. We experienced Satyr’s interesting sense of humour: „You’ve come from Bulgaria? Well, I’ve come from Oslo.“ In fact, SATYRICON deeply value their fans, which we can witness in Sigurd’s statement about the upcoming album: „We are back! Sorry it took so long, but we needed the time to be able to pull off a record like this. We won’t tour as much in the future as we used to, and that will just make every tour more special. This album and this tour is for you and ourselves. It is our moment!“

Satyr and Frost after the very final gig of the Age Of Nero tour, London, December 2009

Satyr and Frost after the very final gig of the Age Of Nero tour, London, December 2009; photo by Diana Chavdarova

On the official SATYRICON facebook page, one can easily acquaint themselves with the tourdates coming, purchase tickets, and of course pre-order the album, plus other fresh merchandise. The album comes in Red Transparent Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, Mixed Colour Vinyl, and Digipack CD, as follows:

01. Voice Of Shadows
02. Tro Og Kraft
03. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
04. Nocturnal Flare
05. Phoenix
06. Walker Upon The Wind
07. Nekrohaven
08. Ageless Northern Spirit
09. The Infinity Of Time And Space
10. Natt

Limited-edition CD digipack bonus tracks:

11. Phoenix (Recording Session Mix)
12. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight (Deeper Low Mix)
13. Natt (Wet Mix)

In addition, 50 mindlessly lucky fans will get lyric sheets of Our World, It Rumbles Tonight, handwritten by Frost and signed by Frost and Satyr.

As usual, these exquisite perfectionists have a complete aesthetic concept. While Age Of Nero was obviously dedicated to pitch-black darkness, self-titled SATYRICON might kick us off into a warm, blazing twilight… a pleasure we do not rush to consummate, just yet.

Let it all be still ahead. „…it is SATYRICON; constantly on the move.“ Thank you for taking us along on this rollercoaster.

Diana Chavdarova

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