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Alan from PRIMORDIAL: blood, sweat and no compromise

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Few days before their incredible performance in Sofia,  The Other Side asked some questions Alan, PRIMORDIAL‘s frontman… Read his answers without any redaction.

Interview by Mrazek, live pictures by Unholy Union ©

Hail, Alan! Introduce the members of the band in depth…

this is in our biography on the website

What are the news from PRIMORDIAL?

our last album, our 8th was released maybe 14 months ago. since then some shows and festivals and more planned for this year ahead



Tell me more about your last release „Where Greater Men Have Fallen”…

like what? was recorded in Ireland for a change…..middle of summer instead of the dead of winter.

Where and how it was recorded?

middle of Ireland…..middle of nowhere? normal way? as live as possible. no click track, no editing, no auto tune. as live as we can

Tell me more about your lyrics in it? Concept? Who is their writer?

it’s me….no overall concept. alienation, traitorous acts, sedition, martyrdom, political crisis, over coming the odds….it’s a bleak dark record for a bleak dark future



Let’s return in the past: PRIMORDIAL – what is the story behind that name?

thats also in our biography on the website, we chose it in 92. no on else had it…..kinda important

How do you describe your music style?

we don’t. metal……thats up to journalists and fans i guess

Are you happy with your label Metal Blade Records?

sure, great people. no problems. they leave us alone to do our own thing and it all works as it should.

Do you have any plans for concerts and tours?

sure. would it make any difference to list the shows that arent in your country?



Do you have any plans to make a video?

? we made two for the last album…..

You played here in 2003, what do you remember from Bulgaria?

we had a great time, new and interesting territory for us. we have learned a lot from then. you will see a more powerful band this time

Do you prepare something special for your upcoming show in Sofia?

just the same as ever. blood, sweat and no compromise. it should be a long long show also… prepared

What is your vision upon nowadays extreme metal scene? What is the situation in Ireland?



i dont know really anymore, i dont hang out as much as i used to. i guess there is a small kind of youthful thrash scene and then we have some great new bands like malthusian, zom, slidhr and bands like that, then the old guard like mourning beloveth and cruachan.

Do you know something about Bulgarian Metal scene?

not much really anymore, i am going to check out all the youtube links now to some of the support bands

What are your general plans for the future?

try and not die too soon…..other than that, sex, drugs and rock n roll right?

Did I forgot to ask you something?

i have no idea

Last words? Your message for the readers of The Other Side…

be prepared…….

Courtesy of Live & Loud.

Full photo gallery of PRIMORDIAL’s performance in Sofia (2016)

Интервюто с PRIMORDIAL на български език


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